Monday, November 9, 2015


Pasta’s popularity keeps on growing!  “In a study published by the restaurant survey site Zagat it was found that around 44% of the 1,468 people surveyed said they would eat pasta two times a week, 23% said they enjoyed it 3-4 times a week, while 21% eat it at least a few times every month.”

This delicious and satisfying dish is popular for good reasons. As a quick, weeknight meal, being able to be put a pasta dish on the table in under a half hour is both convenient and fits into our lifestyles. This quintessential American meal is easy to prepare at any level of sophistication; from oil and Parmesan cheese for the kids-like-it-plainer set to a dish replicating restaurant fare of fusilli dressed with a cream sauce and wild mushrooms. And chefs all over America understand this dish's popularity and have innovative and sophisticated pasta dishes on menus. I happily enjoyed some elegant culinary pasta creations at a Villeroy & Boch luncheon recently.

The Villeroy & Boch team hosted a luncheon for food bloggers and design editors in their showroom to introduce the “Pasta Passion Plates” shown at the New York October Tabletop Market, for those who simply adore pasta. These generously sized, porcelain plates are both exquisite and very clever in their design, making different varieties of pasta easier to enjoy. Each plate design is fashioned so that certain styles of pasta, long spaghetti-style noodles, as well as short varieties like penne and fusilli, can all be graciously enjoyed in a style similar to an experience found in a high-end restaurant.  

The short pasta’s dish has a lip edge where one can push pasta up onto, and get it into a spoon or onto a fork easier. For anyone who’s spent time chasing a piece of pasta around a bowl with a spoon, while someone's watching, it’s a silly experience that’s about to change.

Next up, the Spaghetti plate boasts two innovative designs integrated into its sleek form. It features a spoon/fork rest so your utensil won’t slide into the plate. No more dealing with a “saucy” handle. And near the utensil holder, is an integrated, indented area that is the perfect sized for twirling strands of pasta onto a fork.

And finally, the noodle plate “M” was designed for smaller portions of pasta. Think lunch or appetizer size. This plate also has the lip edge and the utensil rest. An ideal design for holiday gathering events. An elegant deep serving bowl rounds out this delightful new pattern introduction.

Enjoying pasta at home doesn’t mean forgoing a fabulous stylish experience. These beautiful, sculptural plates help to recreate a gracious restaurant-style dining experience, all in the comfort of your own beautiful dining room.
Buon Appetito!
Nesting spoon finds its spot
Give it a twirl in a perfect indented spot
A tidy twirl!